Question:- Why Akshay Kumar movie don’t open big?? Even Ranbir Kapoor movies open better.

Answer:- Well it depends on project to project then music, trailer and promotions, all these factors contribute.. Akshay Kumar starers have issues with these things recently.. His upcoming film Brothers have good chances of taking bumper opening..


Question:- Which film will open better?? Detective Byomkesh Bakshi or Fast and Furious 7??

Answer:- As per pre release buzz it seems Fast Furious 7 to come on top..


Question:- In Pakistan films hardly do 5cr and Jalaibee has done it but you still say it is low.. Why??

Answer:- No one releases films in Pakistan while targeting it’s audiences be it Hindi film.. Jalaibee had made massive promotions and got mammoth number of shows, further film had meg budget.. All these things demanded atleast 10cr which was achievable but film has performed way below expectations.


Question:- Which film will emerge highest grosser of year in Pakistan??

Answer:- Dilwale has brightest chance..


Note:- In this section questions are answered which are asked most by you guys via twitter and mail.


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