Question:- How much can NH 10 collect from here?? Can it cross 35cr??

Answer:- Well looking at current trending it seems it will collect around 33cr approx..


Question:- Who has more appeal in Overseas market? Shahrukh or Aamir??

Answer:- It’s Sharukh Khan..


Question:- Different print media is claiming different prospect about longest running film in Pakistan.. Please clarify things!

Answer:- Well it’s always arguable thing when you go back into history hence we don’t give data of old films of Pakistan.. Since talking about renewal of cinemas which mean regular release of foreign films mainly Hindi which include releases of last 5 years Na Maloom Afraad stands first followed by Waar..


Question:- As there is clash in Pakistan this Eid between local release Wrong Number and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, how much will it effect Salman’s film??

Answer:- Well effect will be big.. Wrong Number is mega budget romantic comedy film which is a friendly genre in Pakistan and film is distributed by biggest Distribution house of Pakistan ARY Films hence it will be close call at boxoffice.


Note:- In this section questions are answered which are asked most by you guys via twitter and mail.


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