Question:- Trending of Queen is unbelievable. Does this trending mean that Queen is most liked film by audiences in last 5-6 years.

Answers:- Yeah this trending is superb. But it doesn’t mean that its most liked film in last few years. Yeah you can say that its amongst most liked films of recent years in metros but its no way near likeness at mass belts.


Question:- After such low Opening of Bewakoofiyaan, What are the expectations from Khoobsorat as it is under the big banner of UTV?

Answer:- Well Bewakoofiyaan was also under big banner of YRF. Its too early to talk of Khoobsorat, it will also take similar or even low opening than Bewakoofiyaan unless music or trailer turns out to be super huge success.


Question:- If Action Jackson is postponed then what will be opening day of Holiday?

Answer:- Well its early. Movie has got the buzz and if that buzz is utilized well than it should go on to cross atleast 15cr opening day barrier.


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