Pakistani film industry has been raising boxoffice bars each year since the release of Waar but there are very few films which have actually got appreciation from cine goers! Some did get appreciation in a circuit or two but those getting universal appreciation are limited! When we look at films which grossed over 20cr mark then we see that there are only 5 films which have managed to go over 20cr mark and two names come twice in that list.. When we raise threshold to 30cr then there are only two films which managed that feat and both have same director!!

If we talk of Universal appreciation then only three films have actually got that since release of Waar i.e. Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Actor In Law!! First two are directed by Nadeem Baig whereas third one is directed by Nabeel Qureshi and these two directors are easily the top directors right now! Nadeem Baig ranks first as both of his films have managed to go over 30cr mark and his next venture has even bigger cast and canvas and will be another big blockbuster to his credit! At second spot comes Nabeel Qureshi who is three films old and all three are hits with Actor In Law emerging a mega blockbuster! An interesting fact about Nabeel films is this that his all three films are mega blockbusters in Karachi and when we talk of only Karachi then Nabeel Qureshi ranks above Nadeem  Baig! These two directors are miles ahead of others right now!! Even though there are other big film coming up but directors behind those projects yet have to make their mark at boxoffice and by making a mark means giving a big boxoffice grosser! Yasir Nawaz has given two films i.e. Wrong No and Mehrunisa V Lub U and both were hits but he is still missing on big blockbuster! Wajahat Rauf has done two Karachi Se Lahore films, first one was a hit whereas second one was below average and he is still missing a big grosser!! There are few more directors who have done one film and those films were hit or grossed some e.g. Azfar Jafri (Janaan), Hassan Waqas (Yalghaaer), Nasir Khan (Bachaana) but all these still need big grossers!

Talking of the director with biggest  pull we can’t write off Shoaib Mansoor! He has two films to his credit and both released before Waar and both were All Time Blockbusters! The question is this that can he give big potential blockbuster in today’s time as cinema dynamics have changed a lot since his two ventures Bol and Khuda Ke Liye! Shoaib Mansoor’s next venture Verna releases in three Weeks time and has big name of Mahira Khan attached to it but treatment to the film seems similar to his previous films which is not a good sign as things have changed a lot since! Many papers and media are already claiming that it will beat both Khuda Ke Liye and Bol.. In terms of gross numbers it might cross them but beating in terms of footfalls looks impossible! Even if it reach half the footfalls of those two that will be enough for it to reach a hit status but if film’s treatment is similar to his previous ventures then it will find reaching that mark tough as cinema in today’s age has changed a lot!

There is another director who has proved himself at boxoffice i.e. Bilal Lashari! His film Waar was the first real step towards revival for Pakistani film industry and years later still his film is 4th highest grosser of all time! Right now he is working on a very big project which will hit cinemas next year but going by early buzz and trade news that film has real potential of taking boxoffice numbers to a new level! Film has biggest cast till date for any Pakistani film and if it gets appreciation like Waar then there will be no stopping for that film!


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