Phantom Music Review

Director Kabir Khan is back with a bang with his upcoming action flick, Phantom a story about terrorism starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif. The music of the film was recently launched and has some very catchy tunes. The music is composed by famed Bollywood composer, Pritam.

Strangely enough one of the songs “Afghan Jalebi” has four different version which ends up taking more than half the space of the soundtrack. The original version (Ya Baba) sung by Pakistani singer Asrar is pretty energetic and at the same time pleasant on the ears. Perhaps the best of the “Afghan Jalebi” version (Dumbek) comes from Akhtar Chanaal as it brings a Pakistani Coke Studio feel to it and another version (Fitna Farebi) is also decent enough but maybe not that hard hitting as the other two.

After too many version of the same song is a track called Sware, sung by Arijit Singh. It’s a somewhat romantic track which has Pritam finger prints all over it. The song seems normal and doesn’t have anything special.

Last not but not the least is track named “Nachde” by Shahid Mallya. It has a pretty haunting Arabic feel to it and it’s more than a decent rock number. The arrangement is nicely done by Pritam.

Overall unlike the majority of the Bollywood movies, Phantom’s soundtrack is probably designed to add substance to the story rather than attracting the audiences.

Verdict 7/10.


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