With the contagious virus COVID-19 continues to take more and more population in its grip, social distancing is highly essential. With more and more emphasis being laid at observing necessary precautions some are being ignorant in this regard. While some films and TV projects continue to stay on sets, live studio audience is also being seen in daily programs like morning shows and political satire shows.

Shaan Shahid Lockdowns Himself To Fight Coronavirus

Keeping this in view PEMRA has issued notice to all satellite TV channels and Radio stations to stop taping shows in presence of a live audience. PEMRA advised channels to conduct shows without public participation as this can be deterring for the channel. Moreover public gathering and congregations are against the directives of the Government in regard to this pandemic.

Moreover they were suggested to take up promotion of social distancing on their platform to encourage public to stay at home. It was also requested that media maintains responsible reporting and ensure that content does not contribute to creating panic in midst of this pandemic.

You can view the letter issued by PEMRA here:

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