omair rana lgs scandal

A series of harassment incidents have come forward from various schools yesterday. The harassment allegations are against teacher whose names have been made public. Lahore Grammer School in the response to these revelations has terminated the said teacher on account of disrespecting the code of conduct.

The experiences are being shared anonymously and have initiated a much-needed conversation about the need for making safe spaces from minors. Many revealed the ignorance that school administration has adhered to such conduct in the past even after it was reported. However, now finally the issue is being addressed and hopefully will be fully investigated in order to avoid such issues in the future.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt tweeted about this incident yesterday commending all those who came forward with their traumatizing experience. He also mentioned the names of the teachers who have been called out. He concluded by advising that such predators should be kept away from every institute.

Under this tweet, a Twitterati posted a series of screenshots about actor and director Omair Rana being among the perpetrators. The images are from an Instagram account “nehlxart” who initiated this conversation.

One message mentioned Omair’s character from drama Pyar Ke Sadqay. He plays Sarwar who is attracted to his step-son’s wife and doesn’t miss a chance to harass her. This person drew the analogy to make a point that his character is similar to himself in real life.

One particular school play incident is also being narrated. During the preparations, he made inappropriate comments, messaged some students, flirted and overall made them feel uncomfortable.

One girl even mentioned Omair communicating with her on texts and suggesting physical intimacy with her. When she refused he gaslit her for giving him the wrong idea.

Another message revealed that he had a relationship with a 17-year girl. According to the claim his wife knew about the relationship and bullied the girl instead of condemning her own husband.

This is a developing story. So far there have been no comments made by Rana himself.


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