This post takes the story forward that “Is Bilal Lashari¬† directing Waar 2 or not??” , for this we contacted ARY films for the response and they quoted “as of now bilal lashari is not directing waar 2 but nothing is confirmed till date so We We will let you all know about the director , cast and producer as soon as it gets confirmed”.. When contacted Bilal Lashari he replied, “No I will not be directing a sequel. Will announce my next film soon”.. So this clears the cloud that Bilal Lashari is not directing the movie.. Now question remains that who will be director then?? Will let you all know when we get the news..

Meanwhile Waar is all set to release in UAE cinemas this Thursday.. It will be interesting to see what response movie garners as Hindi movies have been collecting huge in Gulf states.. Stay with us for more updates on the movie..



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