A new version of Boxofficedetail.com will be up during this Weekend which will have organized data, news,polls,star ranking, reviews, tv ratings, records and much more. We appreciate support of all our readers and promise to keep them entertained with our posts and boxoffice figures.

New version will have boxoffice collections of all movies since 1990. It will have daily polls, monthly star rankings and all boxoffice records from Single day to Two Day Gross and much more like this. It will also have special segments on the daily basis like Song Of The Day, Movie Of The Day (from the past) etc. Not only this but new version will be introducing new way of ratings of TV dramas and shows, with reviews of dramas and shows daily. To make our users part of our web we will have regular and daily guest articles from our users and special articles from celebrities (distributors, producers etc). Not only this but this new version will have huge appeal for our users as it will have forums for our users where they will not only interact with each other but also with the members of our team. We are being asked repeatedly through emails to tell about our team members, through these forums you guys will be interacting with our team also.

We will be uploading just 10% of this over the Weekend and rest things will be uploaded in next few days. A big thanks to all!!


ROY (Chief Editor of boxofficedetail.com)


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