Mega clash is here as two biggest films of the year are set to release today. When two films of such magnitude release then expectations are pretty higher for first day but here things are different as day one is going to be effected badly by Pre Eid. From last few days boxoffice footfalls are down badly and even A Gentleman saw massive falls on Weekdays.. But how much effect will be there today is question right now..

Few days ago it looked like that due to big names attached both film might hit 1cr on day one but now it looks very uphill task even for Na Maloom Afraad 2.. If we see advance bookings for today then it seems it will be way below 1cr opening today and which is very low start. It seems Pre Eid is going to hit both films badly and then there are rains expected in Karachi which will effect Na Maloom Afraad 2 more. And if rains actually effect footfalls today then Punjab Nahi Jaungi will have some chances of Neck To Neck numbers with Na Maloom Afraad 2 today. But overall it’s gonna be a very low day today due to Pre Eid effect, much below expected unless things turn upside down by huge turn out of footfalls in last minute which is extremely unlikely..

Low start means both films will have huge capacity of growth and that growth will come Tomorrow but numbers on Sunday and Monday will be amazing.. Issue is this that big numbers on just two days won’t be enough for these two movies to reach minimum thresholds.. After such low start and Eid period ending on Monday both films must show solid holds from Tuesday onward to have some chances at boxoffice.


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