Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay is the first real intense love story of Pakistani Cinema since it’s revival. The film is a story of Zain (Feroze Khan) who wants to become a film maker and his immense sacrifices and turmoils in order to make that dream become a reality. Sajal Aly is portraying the role of Maira Khan, the wife of Zain whereas Doodo, the kid of Zain and Maira is played by Jibrayl Ahmed. After a disappointing summer for Pakistani movies, this film feels like a departure. The film however does have a few glitches and some of the scenes feel too repetitive and drawn out but despite this, The Director, Anjum Shehzad has managed to make a decent romantic-family drama film which has some really strong performances by the main leads and a really strong soundtrack too!

The film shows the passion and desire of a person to become film maker and his intense love for his wife and kid! He goes through many emotional extremes for all this. Feroze Khan has done some really magnificent work with the character of Zain. He has shown aggression, obsession, love, sadness in such an amazing way that he leaves a deep mark on you by the end of the movie. The scenes showing the son and the father are acted out brilliantly by the kid Jibrayl Ahmed and Feroze Khan, repectively. The audiences will definitely feel the father-son connection strongly.

Feroze Khan’s performance can be said as best male performance this year or one of the best ever in the leading roles in Pakistan in recent times! Sajal Aly is a natural when it comes to portraying an emotionally distraught girl and she has done her job well. This is the first time a kid has been given so much screen space in a Pakistani feature film and the adorable Jibrayl acted surprisingly well. The supporting cast which consisted of the likes of Aly Khan and Nayyar Ejaz were efficient. Shafqat Cheema as Cheema is in a never been seen before of an avatar and will surprise you especially when he does the rap of the song, “Neray Aa Zalma We”.

The story of the film is quite satisfactory as the writer, Abdul Khaliq Khan has done his job in that department and the dialogues are extremely intense . It’s first time that our audiences will see such intense romantic dialogues on the big screen but the pacing of the film is a bit slow at times. Anjum Shehzad perhaps could have made a few things better though. Few of the scenes are quite lousy, like the scene where Nayyar Ejaz visits his film set and the one in the court room. Smaller details could have been enhanced perhaps but overall the film is an adequate one. Film’s cinematography is amazing with some super shots!

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay, is embellished with a soundtrack that stays with you. Each track is befitting the situation and make you fall in love with it! Kitni Baar by Sukhwinder Singh is min blowing whereas Ali Ali by Farhan Saha is so soulful that you will come home and listen to it multiple times. Title track is so light and beautiful whereas Udaasiyan gives a more sad vibe. Chulbul on the other hand is a fast and catchy track.

On the whole, Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay brings back the romantic-family drama on the Pakistani cinema screens which should be appreciated. It’s an emotional intense film and not a drama. The pacing of the film is a bit slow but the performances of the cast will definitely capture your attention. Feroze Khan has done a fantastic job and after this film his stock will surely go higher. The kid’s performance is the most adorable thing in the movie. Go for it this Eid with your family and you will come home impressed with super performances, intense emotions, rich cinematography and fantastic music!


Written By:- Zayn Kharal


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