The first Pakistani movie of 2016, Bachaana, will hit the cinemas on the 26th of February. The release of this film could not come at a better time. Cinemas are experiencing some slow business at this time of the year. Can Bachaana deliver on it’s pre-release buildup and hype? Can it deliver a huge dose of entertainment? After all, that’s what you expect when you watch a movie called “Bachaana”, Right?

The makers of Bachaana already told the media that they wanted the film-goers to have a cinematic experience rather than deliver a lesson. They certainly did deliver on this promise. This film has all the ingredients of an out and out entertainer and is rather well made.

The movie opens up in Mauritius and unexpected circumstances force a Pakistani taxi-driver, Vicky (Mohib Mirza) to help out an Indian girl, Alia (Sanam Saeed). They both get to run all over Mauritius and face off with some bad guys and maybe do some romance along the way.

The locations are stunning and Mauritius looks really neat on the big screen. Nothing looks forced and the location fits in quite well within the narrative. Mohib Mirza gives a splendid performance as Vicky. Many people had doubts whether Mohib could pull off such a role but he managed to do really well. Surprisingly, Sanam Saeed delivers a fantastic performance. The audiences were accustomed to seeing Sanam in an emotional role on the small screen but she managed to shine with a very fresh character in Bachaana. Yep, this probably is the first time that Sanam gets to do an action scene and jump in a waterfall! The funny man, Adeel Hashmi is seen in a very different role and the people will actually enjoy this change up in character for him. He portrayed the role quite well.

Some of the lines are quite humorous. One scene where Vicky’s friend translates from Urdu to English will definitely make you laugh and there is also a scene where Mohib’s character explains why Pakistani’s don’t get a visa which will set off a laugh. The comedy is nice and clean. This is a rarity nowadays. This movie can easily be watched alongside the family.

Some of the scenes are really pleasant to watch on the big screen. The waterfall scene was brilliantly done and the climax will be liked by many. There are many twists along the way which will surprise many.

The film does not have a very extensive soundtrack but all the songs are nicely slotted in. Shafqat Amanat Ali’s “Yaari Yaari” perfectly captures the emotional state of the two characters and Symt’s “Koi Labda” came at the right time before the climax. The background score perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the film.

On the whole, Bachaana is a very entertaining film. It is a rom-com thriller. The comedy is nicely done and the romance is well baked. Unlike many comedy films of the recent era, Bachaana does not feel like a drag. With a run time less than 2 hours, Bachaana does not feel out of pace throughout the run-time. It’s not a movie which will make the audience feel grumpy but will rather make them feel pleased. Bachaana is definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 4/5.


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