Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossibe 7’s shoot was halted due to current outbreak of coronavirus. The film which is in the shooting phase right now is scheduled to release in July next year.

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The film had a three week long shooting spell in Venice however due to outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy the film’s shoot has been stopped. The spokesperson of Paramount told THR that ” Out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of our cast and crew, and efforts of the local Venetian government to halt public gatherings in response to the threat of coronavirus, we are altering the production plan for our three-week shoot in Venice, the scheduled first leg of an extensive production for Mission: Impossible 7

Italy has currently over 150 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Spokesperson also told that they are in touch with health organizations and government and will announce the reschedule as the things get better.

The film will see Tom Cruise as IMF agent for 7th time and will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie who was also the director of previous two installments of Mission Impossible.

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