As Eid is getting closer, things are heating up at ticket window in Pakistan as Cinema is going to see biggest clash ever for the film Industry.. Two local films Janaan and Actor In Law are face to face for the glory!

Promotions for both the films are in full swing but right now it seems Janaan is quite ahead in promotions as film has garnered massive buzz due to their campaign.. But Actor In Law has got bigger cast and a favorable genre which puts film as a tough task for Janaan to do.

As both films have got good buzz so it will all melt down to how many shows will both get.. Janaan is leading race in that regard as biggest chain of Pakistan is going to give 500 plus shows to the film in first Week which is a new benchmark for a Pakistani film and accounts to more than 50% shows for the Week.. This put Janaan in very good position at Cinepax and they will probably lead there.. But game is not finished here as Actor In Law will be leading at masses as they are doing promotional activities in masses which is first for a local film!

As it is an Eid season hence masses will contribute big time and it will be Actor in Law which will be a first choice there due to genre and big names attached to it! The real threat at masses for the film can be Baar Baar Dekho but right now it seems that Katrina Kaif starer won’t get much shows over the Eid at masses which put Actor In Law in really good position in small centers..

There will be another local release Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay which is having a good promotional campaign too with music turning out quite a success! Film won’t be a big opener but will see good footfalls over the Eid Week especially in big metros.. Film’s reports are very good right now which means film can maintain pace at boxoffice if gets thumbs up from the audiences..

Baar Baar Dekho and Freaky Ali are releasing four days before Eid, later one won’t be a boxoffice conventional film but former is looking very good! Has got big cast and mega hit music and is a youthful romantic film! Trade expectations are very high from Baar Baar Dekho but it will be interesting that how many shows it will take at masses over the Eid!! At plexes most shows will go with local films over the Eid and if same happens at masses then it will be an interesting face off between Janaan and Actor In Law where both will be eyeing for top spot on day one!

Which ever lead this Eid, it will be a slender lead and all will depend on which film sustain well in long run!


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