As Eid is less than a Week away now whole eyes are on this mega clash! It seems right now that Actor In Law will lead over the Weekend but that lead won’t be big one hence it will all melt down to the content!

Looking at showtimes update till date for the Eid at leading plexes it seems all the three films are getting balanced release with Actor In Law having little more shows but that was expected as that film has very big cast! This means all will come down to the content! Early reports from Censors is positive for all releases so it will be public which will decide the real fate!

Opening Weekends will be close of all releases with Actor In Law looking to lead at most places but after Weekend content will decide and things can change! Promotional activities of Janaan are still strong and ARY Films is still pushing the film to the full extent and hoping that they will reach Actor In Law over the Weekend!

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay’s promotional activities are not much strong and it seems they will be relying on the music success over the Weekend and then hoping that content clicks among the audiences for lifetime run!


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