We are just 6 days away from biggest clash of All Time and with early advance and show times it seems Actor In Law should lead over others.. Film’s advance is quite strong and is ahead of other releases very well especially from Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay.

Now the real question is how much will all these collect on Day One! Well last year Eid ul Azha Day One had seen total day one gross less than 3cr approx and was in region of 2.5cr appox but as screens have been added this year hence we can expect first day total gross to be around 3cr approx..

Now out of this 3cr, we can expect that local films should rake in total of atleast 2.5cr approx on day one! Actor In Law is looking set to lead on day one might be the only film to register 1cr on day one but Janaan is getting huge number of shows hence potential of 1cr will be there! But if both of these two films scored 1cr each then things will get tough for Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay!

Right now all these are just assumptions and we can’t predict what actually will happen on Eid day! Once advance at all Pakistan level starts then we can see a better picture but right now it seems Actor In Law will lead on Eid Day One!!


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