As Eid is coming closer excitement is going up each day! Eid is going to have biggest clash of Recent years in Pakistan and today we are going to analyze it further in our second episode. Promotional activities are in full swing for all three releases and today we are going to talk about promotional campaign of Janaan.

Janaan trailer had got mixed reviews from critics and audiences and having a clash with start studded Actor In Law film was looking weak! But ARY Films has done amazing job like always.. Trade was expecting to see massive campaign from ARY as they have always done huge and effective promotions for their releases but this time they have taken it to the next level.

Janaan’s main target audience are metro city audiences and team ARY has exploited those regions exceedingly well, they have done everything they could to present Janaan as a big film which has potential to take massive start despite releasing opposite multiple local releases and holover mega film Baar Baar Dekho! And they have emerged super successful in their campaign! Their team has not started yet in Lahore (Biggest potential grossing city at Boxoffice) but they already are looking like a big event release.. If they continue with such pace in coming days then we are going to have a blsting start at ticket window on Eid!

It’s tough to predict how much film will actually collect on day one but going by the promotions of the film by ARY, it is surly going to take stupendous start at boxoffice..


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