Coronavirus continues to spread like wildfire with no cure or vaccine produced as yet. Pakistani government has taken a few steps to take necessary precautions however many fail to grasp the gravity of te situation.

While people all around the world are practicing social distancing it is business as usual for the entertainment industry. Many dramas and films are currently on set claiming to have taken all necessary precaution to keep themselves safe from contracting the virus. However every day the number of cases keeps on increasing and the only way to combat and slow down the virus is to limit outdoor activity.

Superstar duo Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf reunited on Twitter to highlight what is actually the need of the hour. Taking to Twitter Bilal Ashraf address the industry members who are still on sets to take heed and stop shooting at this crucial time.

“A humble request to all those shooting to please stop temporarily. Just because it hasn’t hit you doesn’t mean it can’t Allah na Karay further the producers shud pay all the workers a bare min so they can run their kitchens Don’t take this lightly. Thanks.” wrote Bilal Ashraf.

Mahira Khan retweeted and requested the same.

Many celebrities have been using their platform to encourage people to adopt self-quarantine to avoid the pandemic to reach the height it did in China and Italy. The best way to keep yourself and those around you safe is to stay home, wash your hand frequently and act responsibility.


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