The wildfire in Australia has turned out to be a huge natural disaster of recent times. The fire which started way back in September has taken lives of close to 1 billion animals. Furthermore, over 2000 houses have been demolished due to the fire.

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Relief efforts are in full swing and many celebrities are helping the casue. Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio’s organization on climate change “Earth Alliance” issued statement donating $ 3 million for the relief efforts in Australia.

Leonardo Dicaprio had formed “Earth Alliance” last year to fight climate changes globally. He co chairs the organization with philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs and investor Brian Sheth. The statement said that the funds will work with local Australian organization which are working for wildfire relief efforts.

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Earlier Chris Hemsworth had announced on social media to donate $ 1 million. Furthermore, Elton John, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have donated as well.


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