Khalil Qamar directed Kaaf Kangana opened this week with very low numbers. The film had some big names attached to it hence bringing up the expectations but the poor promotions and marketing meant a very low starting point.

The film needed to grow big from low starting point on Friday but that growth was missing and the film has wrapped its opening weekend with estimated PKR 57lacs. Kaaf Kangana will need to hold on Monday with numbers similar to Friday to have some chance at the boxoffice.

Below is daily estimated breakdown of Kaaf Kangana.

Friday.. 19lacs
Saturday.. 20lacs
Sunday.. 18lacs
Total.. 57lacs

The other new release of the Week, Durj has seen even lower numbers but considering the genre and face value these results were expected. Directed by Shamoon Abbasi, Durj has roped in estimated PKR 35lacs during its first three days of release. The film didn’t see any growth over the weekend rather there were falls throughout the weekend.

Below is daily estimated breakdown of Durj.

Friday.. 13lacs
Saturday.. 12lacs
Sunday.. 10lacs
Total.. 35lacs


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