The wait is over and the official film soundtrack for the much awaited and anticipated Pakistani Movie, “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani” is released. Perhaps there is nothing out there which can enhance a film’s chance at box-office success more than its soundtrack. The soundtrack appears to have some pretty catchy tunes and is bound to impress you.

Khul Jaye Botal:”Khul Jaye Botal” has a very nice opening to it too. This song is high on energy but maybe it doesn’t have the same intoxicating touch associated with many of Mika Singh’s tracks from across the border in Bollywood. It might very well gradually rise up the charts but thus far it can be termed as a song which might not necessarily convince you to hear it again.

Dance The Party: This song is all about the camaraderie between guys and has some hilarious lyrics too. Shuja Haider and Ali Gul Pir have lent their voices for this track. The song has crazy beats which make it highly energetic, but the quirky lyrics are the highlight of this song. It’s the kind of track that can be played inside your cars with your mates inside and everyone just chilling along but its not a track that will be remembered years from now.

Jalwa: This particular track is already becoming quite a sensation all over Pakistan. Sana Zulfiqar is perfectly suited as the vocalist for this song as she has a very unique voice. I can already see this becoming the “Mehndi” song of the season and a lot of people are going to be busting some moves on this one.  The riff in the intro is instantly appealing and “Jalwa” is on par with many of the wedding songs made for Bollywood but it still lacks the X Factor needed to give it a legendary status.

Jay Mundiya: Sung by Shani Arshad and Sana Zulfiqar, the song has an upbeat vibe to it and the melody syncs in perfectly with lyrics. Maybe this is too much similar to many of the Bollywood numbers out there, especially with rap portion but this song can be given a miss..

Aisa Jorh hai: Unlike all the other songs in the soundtrack, this number has a somewhat of a romantic charm to it and has a good composition too. Sara Raza and Nabeel Shaukat form a decent combo for this track and compliment each other perfectly. It might not become an iconic upbeat romantic track but it will most certainly catch on in the upcoming days ahead of JPNA’s release.

Jawni: The title track has an intense and an amusing ring to it. Ahmad Ali Butt, one of the actors of this movie and once an integral part of the former band EP, has delivered a very entertaining song. Faiza Mujahid sings the right notes for this one and most surprisingly, parts of Late Madam Noor Jehan’s songs are mashed up quite well. This song won’t catch on with a one time listen but might grow on you if you prefer this kind of stuff.

“Jawani Phir Nahi Ani” has a fun soundtrack that in no way is going to capture imaginations of all the music lovers but is still good enough to be given a listen to.



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