Janaan has stirred quite a lot of buzz since it’s announcement due to multiple reasons. Firstly Reham Khan as the producer made the film climb up in the news and turned it into an attraction for every magazine and online portal plus ARY Films is involved with it. Last year an ARY Films production broke all records on Eid ul Azha in the shape of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. Since Janaan is going to be an ARY release this Eid ul Azha, the film seems more special and interesting for the audience. Last year on Eid ul Fitr, Armeena was a part of the mega hit, Bin Roye and her presence has boosted the expectations further for Janaan.

Among so much expectations, ARY Film released trailer of their much anticipated Eid bonanza on 1st July via biggest TV show of Pakistan, “Jeeto Pakistan”. As expected the trailer caught the eyes of everyone as soon as it released but the question remains, did it live up to the expectations? Answer is a BIG NO. The trailer is always a first sneak into the film and a strong trailers always create good connection with audiences and makes things set for mega stage as release get closer. A fine trailer has either some excellent dialogues which make you listen them again and again and eventually pulling you out of your house on day of release or it has some excellent music which resonates with you every time you see it and you get addicted to it and go to cinema on actual day. Sometimes there is the presence of a strong emotional appeal in the trailer with some fantastic background score that you fall in love with immediately and make your mind instantly that you must watch it in the theaters. Even better ones have stupendous stellar performances and expressions of cast that leaves you spell bound and make you watch trailer again and again. Few have some excellent cinematography and cinematic shots that you watch it and say, “It’s very beautiful”.

Coming towards Janaan trailer, it lacked in all departments discussed above. Music in the trailer was way below the mark,  there was no noteworthy dialogue. There was no eye-catching performance in the trailer by any member of the cast and the director did try to show some emotional scenes but they couldn’t leave any mark thanks to the poor background music in those scenes plus the chemistry of the leading lady seemed to lack with her co-actors at many moments. It did have some beautiful shots but they were also not out of the world which make you say, “wow”. It just had couple of jokes otherwise it just seemed the typical kind of melodrama presented in the television drama style seen in Pakistan. After 181 seconds of the trailer, I sat back and asked myself a question that, “what was this that I watched?”. Every piece has plus and negative points, I went through the trailer again to gather some positive points but i failed as the trailer had nothing special or big attached to it which should be present in the trailer for the films of such genre or a film with such massive expectations and i concluded, it fails to impress! A thumbs down. I genuinely hope film is much better as it faces fierce competition on Eid from various local releases!


Rating.. 1.5 out of 5


Note:- Review is the personal opinion of the writer!


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