Jai Ho First Look Poster
Jai Ho First Look Poster

Uniqueness was the key which was missing in the trailer.. Digital poster indicated that movie has something new to offer, digital poster was aiming as if this type of role has never been done before by Salman but this teaser/trailer is totally opposite. It shows movie is another massala entertainer with the tadka of Emotions…

When we analyze trailer it has couple of great action scenes, Salman’s hold on dialogues, indication of emotions, all in all it has everything to make a teaser/trailer blockbuster but what misses here is the concept.. Digital poster and director’s statements were indicating something very different but teaser/trailer has shown totally opposite thing..

All in all Jai Ho Teaser/Trailer is spot on with mass appeal but the message being delivered before teaser is missing..

Rating:- 2.5/5


  1. Completely agree, though I feel salman in action was over the top n he’s looking bit too old for it now (he’s 48 afterall). This can’t be a true social-based film or quality film, that’s what Chak de India, Swades, Rang de Basanti, 3 idiots etc are and Jai Ho won’t come close.

    • You must be nuts but then Salman haters usually come out of the woodwork regardless of what you say even with CE earnings SRK has not even come close in his last no movies to salman so please put in your pipe and smoke it

  2. Your review is 1000% wrong.

    If you watched teaser carefully yes teaser its not trailer.

    You can get that again they are expressing the new & unique concept in it following with some action scenes.

    But for that you have to watch like teaser & need some deep observation.

  3. Very gud analysis..though salman is the biggest superstar of india,this film wil go dabbang 2 way..as we know sohail khan is one of worst directors of all time..so i think..140-160cr

  4. This is only teaser. It is shameful that websites are using films to get hits. Who reviews a one minute teaser. Hell the movie will be 2 hours 30mins and you are reviewing a one minute teaser. What is wrong with you??????


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