Jai Ho First Look Poster
Jai Ho First Look Poster

Its just around 2 hours still release of Jai Ho teaser on web and its on the tongue of everyone, trailer has been trending non-stop on twitter whole day in India and now even trending in Paistan and UAE and  That’s enough to say that Salman is unmatchable..

In Just two hours still release it has over 2500 likes which indicates that teaser has hit the spot, its on its pace to be fastest to 10k likes of Salman Khan any teaser/trailer on youtube.. While Buzz of the movie is unimaginable, we started poll to rate Jai Ho teaser on twitter and in just 45 minutes our team has received over 1000 votes and most people gave it thumbs up.. While movie has got around 925 comments in just around 2 hours which speaks of the buzz..


Note:- Write your Jai Ho teaser review and send it to us at boxofficedetail.com@gmail.com and we will publish it tomorrow’s segment of Guest article..


  1. youtube gets hanged.
    They are showing views in installments.
    Eros not kept mobile view option unless it might crashed all youtube servers.

    And the views on TV are remains uncounted.


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