Jai Ho saw a good positive trends in the morning shows at both single screens and multiplexes. Single screens were excellent with occupancies better than Friday while plexes were bit better than previous two days.

As the day progressed movie saw drop at plexes which was obvious as plexes saw limited growth on Saturday but single screens remained solid at most places with good pace till evening. Movie is looking almost certain to have over 25-30% (20-21cr) growth even night shows go dull all across. If movie see normal Sunday drop in night shows than Sunday collections are expected to be around 40+% higher than y’day i.e. 23-24cr*.

Movie is looking at around 56-57cr Opening Weekend which is much lower than the expectations of distributors and now they hope that movie has super excellent Weekdays and coming Weeks. Movie was average at plexes throughout the Weekend hence movie will have to depend on single screens from here on. Monday is now very important to determine fate of the film.


Note:- These are just rough estimates based on the occupancies till eve. Actuals tomorrow can vary when figures from circuits fall in.



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