Went in with expectations of another massala entertainer as trailer had shown action with indication of emotions. Movie started off very well with a strong message i.e. “Not to say thanks but to help three people”. Three strong incidents in first half touches your heart and makes you feel for the message and make you think for your nation. First half ends leaving you spell bound and those three incidents leaves a mark on you and you expect something extra-ordinary in second half.

Second half starts slow and soon war of common man for that message ends into personal war for his family. Second half seems a typical Salman movie with Salman beating hundreds and then Salman taking off his shirt. That excellent message is said in several dialogues in second half also but its feel is over. Feel of that message was given with three strong incidents in first half but in second half there is not even a single incident that makes you think for your nation and that message. You see a typical Salman, it seems as if you are watching another Bodyguard or Ek Tha Tiger. And in the end you go home talking about Salman’s actions, his style, his body and that message is lost.

Performance of Salman stands out. He is the winner here, I suppose Mental was better name for the film. Tabu is decent also while Daisy is good as a debutant. Sana Khan had few dialogues and she was just average.

Here director seems clueless. Sohail Khan is the real person who made that message fade behind stardom of Salman. I was extremely happy after first half as those three incidents moves you but second half is just poor. Same old Bodyguard was visible in last half and that excellent message was lost.



Kharral (Editor of Boxofficedetail.com from Pakistan)


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