Positive:- Supereme acting by Salman, Tabu delivers very well, Few dialogues are noteworthy.


Negatives:- Average music, poor direction, forced action..


Direction:- Nothing to say about that. Poor direction, such a nice message is wasted by poor direction. Sohail Khan must not have opted for this field. No words.

Music:- It was just average, couple of tracks were decent especially Tere Naina but rest are just average or avoidable..

Performance:- Now that’s the department where movie stands out. Salman is just super brilliant in his simple yet message delivering performance. Tabu is also extremely good in her role. Daisy Shah also delivers well. All are good.

Overall:- Movie delivers message in Salman’s way. Performances are good and everything else is just average to dull. If you are Salman’s fan then must go for it..



Critics Ratings:- 2.5/5

Business Ratings:- 3.5/5



  1. You reviewd a movie that has not even been released based on the date of article but then negatism is an indian way of life isn’t it we never see the good only the bad because we think that making others look bad haters of that person will laud us as intelligent and bright

  2. It released a day or two earlier in Dubai and one of the admins from dubai reviewed it. What is so negative in telling the truth that jai ho has flaws? It’s far from a perfect/very good film.


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