Jai Ho doesn’t need any introduction, its one of the most awaited movie of 2014. Here is take on its boxoffice predictions by our editor from India (Princess)..

Week One:-

Fri.. 23cr

Sat.. 26cr

Sun.. 31cr

Weekend.. 80cr

Mon.. 13cr

Tue.. 12cr

Wed.. 11.5cr

Thurs.. 10cr

Week One.. 126.5cr


Week Two:-

Fri.. 7.5cr

Sat.. 8.5cr

Sun.. 12cr

Weekend.. 28cr

Mon.. 4cr

Tue.. 3.5cr

Wed.. 3.25cr

Thurs.. 2.75cr

Total.. 41.5cr


Week Three:- (Multiple Biggies release)

Week Three.. 12cr


Week Four:- (Gunday releases)

Week Four.. 4cr


Lifetime.. 185-190cr

Verdict.. Blockbuster


Overseas Lifetime.. 65-70cr

Verdict.. Super Hit



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