With the new year there is a new wave of dramas coming as well. Among many upcoming dramas Iqra Aziz, Ahmed Ali Butt starrer “Jhooti” is about to air soon. The teaser of Jhooti started making rounds on social media yesterday evening and Twitter is entirely happy.

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The makers have released two teasers one of which start off with Iqra as a victim of domestic abuse. A few seconds into the teasers it turns out that her character is just being manipulative. Her bruises are fabricated and just part of her elaborate facade to get her way.

Twitteratis have instantly reacted giving their verdicts from teasers alone. But this isn’t the first time viewers have been too quick to judge. Recently Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly starrer Ye Dil Mera teasers were also met with a similar negative reaction. In Ye Dil Mera’s case the issue raised was that the drama is promoting work place harrasment. However like the writer Farhat Ishtiaq clarified, there was more to the story than the teasers indicated.

As for Jhooti Twitteratis believe our society is already well equipped when it comes to victim blaming and declaring abuse victims as liars. The drama is further encouraging this culture by propagating the idea that victims are liars.

Some even critiqued the network for bringing yet another drama that disrespects women and their standing in a patriarchal society.

The influence that such dramas create on the audience was also debated!

With Jhooti yet to begin airing, lets hope writer Ali Moeen has an interesting story for the audiences as well. Jhooti has been directed by Ramish Rizvi and produced by Abdullah Seja’s I Dream Entertainment. The drama will be airing soon on ARY Digital.

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What are your thoughts on the teasers?


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