Despite many plot holes and a complex story that makes your head spin, Christopher Nolan has delivered yet another masterpiece that will be etched in the cinema goers mind for a long time.

Interstellar, like many Hollywood movies of our time is yet another movie which depicts the fate of humanity in dire straits in the future. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) the main protagonist of the story is forced to leave his two kids and venture into space for the cause of humanity. Behind all the wormholes, black holes and space time concepts the core of Interstellar lies in human emotions, which is a Christopher Nolan trademark seen before in Inception and his other works. Beyond the whole journey is the love Cooper shares for his family and especially his daughter.

While many critics and art film lovers will find it too hard to digest the complex scientific concepts presented by Nolan and at times they don’t make complete sense but when meshed together with the hauntingly amazing visual imagery presented on the screen, Interstellar comes across as a movie too tempting and rich not to watch. This movie has some of the best cinematography, modern films have to offer and ideally it is suited to the 70 mm IMAX format. The journey taken into space makes the audience completely immerse itself in the process, something that is a must for a sci-fi epic.

At times the sound appears to be inaudible, a decision Nolan attributes as consciously done but Hans Zimmer’s perfect score provides a perfect backdrop to the journey in to the corners of unexplored space. The cast is perfectly in sync with storyline. Matthew McConaughey as Cooper delivers a fine performance while Anne Hathaway was perfectly suited for Cooper’s accomplice in the journey as Dr Brand.

There will always be a debate amongst Nolanites and others on the different aspects of Interstellar, from the complex scientific theories to the plot holes, the last 20 minutes, the acting and the comparison between Interstellar and Nolan’s previous works but in Christopher Nolan, Hollywood has a true visionary and a remarkable film maker. Like many of Nolan’s outstanding works Interstellar is sure to ignite opinions of all kinds. Despite its flaws, Interstellar is one of those movies that is a must watch on the big screen.


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