Its been more than a week that the elegant actress Sarwat Gillani has been posting artistic videos on social media regularly while spending the quarantine times.

Coronavirus has taken a huge hit on the world and the celebrities around the globe are in self quarantine and using social media to create awareness about various aspects of life. Ahsan Khan is posting videos with his kids while sharing various Quranic stories.

Check Out The Quarinc Stories Videos Of Ahsan Khan.

Similarly, Sarwat Gilani is holding classes at Instagram where she posts videos every evening about making various art designs. Over the past few days we have seen Sarwat making various designs which included vegetable prints, recycling of tissues, hot air balloon, leaf art and much more.

Her classes are always full of art and fun. This is some really good and constructive way of spending the quarantine. We can all learn a lot from the actress.

Check out few of the post of Sarwat below.

Chain art

Vegetables print

Recycling tissue roll’s

Fun With Kids

Hot Air Baloon

Canvas Art

Making An Owl

Leaf Art


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