Senior actor Nauman Ejaz recently took a jibe a few actors including Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddique and Hamza Ali Abbasi during an Instagram live session hosted by Vasay Chaudhry. When the Mere Paas Tum Ho hero was brought up he playfully commented, “I feel that if Humayun keeps working as hard as he does, he might eventually, accidentally learn how to act someday. I have faith and I will pray he does, a person shouldn’t feel hopeless.”

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If Humayun keeps working, he might learn how to act someday: Noman ...

Needless to say this became the talk of the town and surely reached Saeed as well. During Fahad Mustafa’s show Jeeto Pakistan the two reminisced old times. While having a look back at Mustafa’s career they brought up his first drama Raj Hansni, in which he played Humayun’s fourth wife’s son. Taking the discussion forward Saeed mentioned how Noman Ejaz played the father of his character in his first television drama. “Noman Ijaz bhi mere abba banay thay, mere pehle dramay mein, seriously.”

To this Fahad Mustafa refused to interject and gave a diplomatic response “Apke aur Naumaan Ijaz ke pangay mein me parhna nahi chahta.” However, Humayun Saeed further added “Lekin wo aaj bhi mere Abba banay gein, meri next film mein.

During a segment their celebrity guest Shahood Alvi predicted what the briefcase contains. Humayun asked Fahad what he thinks, “Kaisa lagta hai yeh?” Mustafa now took a jibe “Jaisa Naumaan Ijaz ko lagta hai” leaving Humayun laughing.

Humayun Saeed proved that he hasn’t taken Nauman Ejaz’s criticism personally and had a good laugh out of it!

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