“Ho Mann Jahan” is all set to release on 1st Jan in the New Year. The film has already built up some excitement amongst the youth and the music has been also released which is sure to create some buzz before the big release. The soundtrack of the film can be described as “experimental” and it is very unique as it does not resemble any other film soundtrack in Pakistan. Director, Asim Raza has decided to go with a slightly unconventional approach and has collaborated with some of the finest musical talent in Pakistan to create some fine music. It remains to be seen whether a soundtrack that comprises of a mixture of Folk, Classical, Pop and Soft-Rock can create a mark on the listeners.

Mann Ke Jahan
Mann Ke Jahan is a fresh and a catchy track that might be captivating for a certain type of listeners who prefer the Soft-Rock genre. Zebunnisa Bangash or more popularly known as Zeb has a soulful voice that is perfect for this track. The acoustic riffs add the right amount of volume and even the violin part in the middle is pretty decent. This song has a very harmonious ring to it.  Do give this song a listen before deciding.

Dil Kare
Atif Aslam is back but in a very old-school way. Nowadays, Atif seems to be singing romantic ballads for his Bollywood films but this song resembles most of the Atif work of mid 2000’s. There is probably that depth missing that we are accustomed to hear from Atif songs but then again a lot of the listeners might be into this sort of stuff.

Some of you might have heard the original version of Dosti featuring the vocals of the legendary Nazia Hassan but maybe the newer version falls an inch shorter. The vocals are nicely done by Zoheb Hassan and Zeb but maybe the funky 80’s type music doesn’t mesh is that well together with the vocals. It would have been better if the music was kept simpler. But then again some Nazia Hassan fans might want to hear this one. So turn up your speakers and give it a go.

Khush Piya Waseen
This one is nicely done and reminds one of the vintage Tina Sani work. It’s quite certain that Tina Sani’s work will have a certain quality attached to it. The music blends in the right way with the vocals to give a nice balance. It’s quite obvious that this song will be used somewhere near the climax of the narrative.

Dil Pagla
No Doubt that Zeb is a very under rated singer but Dil Pagla is a very fascinating song in which she manages to shine. The song has some very interesting lyrics and the upbeat feel of the song will surely lift you up when you are feeling down. The music is nicely done even though the bass solo in the middle might be somewhat excessive but guitar chords set the right emotions for the song. This song may not be one of the more mainstream types and might not appeal to the masses but it definitely deserves a listen over your headphones.

Shakar Wandaan
This song might go on to become the most popular song of the soundtrack as it has the most commercial feel out of any song in the album. This particular version of Shakar Wandaan is designed perfectly for a mehndi dance! Asrar is a remarkable singer as his latest song “Afghan Jalebi” turned out to be a big hit. Even in the trailer, the song suddenly had you hooked in the most. It will be interesting to see Mahira Khan shake it out to this track in the film. The beat of the song is fitting and the change of pace at the end will surely send you into frenzy.

Sarak Sarak
Mai Dhai is an incredible folk singer. This track has a very ethnic folk type appeal, jazzy feel and a fun vibe attached to it. Some listeners who like the Coke Studio type music might really like this. The fusion of rural folk and that blues feeling is a very interesting concept. The guitar work is nicely done. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but this track sure might captivate some listeners.

This track by Jimmy Khan has a sort of “Hipster” ring to it. It is a slow and a soothing song which might only attract a certain kind of people. The acoustic work is nicely done. It’s the kind of track people listen to when they fall in love or when they are in the right mood but not one for the ages.

Ghar Nari
Ghar Nari by Abu Muhammed and Farid Ayaz is a Qawaali and will obviously appeal to the listeners who are into this specific genre. The background music adds a modern touch to the track which is kind of the latest fad these days.

The Audition
A drum solo by Gumby. Well it’s pretty good. Let’s hope it fits in the narrative like the drum solo’s done in the Hollywood movie, Whiplash.

The Soundtrack has something for all types of listeners. Maybe the genre and the sketch of movie might go in well with the soundtrack but overall the album is not one worth obsessing over for ages. Yes! Some true music fans might be appreciative of this kind of music. But the people into who are more into the Bollywood inspired stuff might not take a liking to it. Let us see how people respond to a rather alternative type of soundtrack.

Ho Mann Jahan starring Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar and Adeel Hussain is all set release on 1st January, 2016.

Rating 3.5/5



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