Ho Mann Jahaan advance is open at few centers but most of those places are from Karachi and advance is always good in Karachi especially in Holidays.. Film is going to be the first film of 2016 and is highly promoted by ARY Films.. But genre is hard to get big numbers at boxoffice, recent drama film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo couldn’t register big numbers despite presence of Salman Khan..

Film has big length close to 3 hours which will further damage number of shows.. Film will open best in Islambad which is always best place for youth drama movies.. Film is going to get less than 35 shows on day one in Karachi and with such genre it will be hard to get 100% occupacnies.. Only positive film is having so far is Holiday season which will push film to register around 25-30lacs approx day one in Karachi which is a low result after such massive campaign by ARY..

Film is all dependent on Lahore to get film to 1+cr day one.. Holiday season is already making things big in Lahore so film will only need good number of shows from Lahore.. But with such big length film won’t get much shows in good time slots as cold wave will also effect film in Lahore.. Film will need atleast 60 shows from Lahore and then get atleast 80% occupancies from Lahore to register decent day one..


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