Turkish blockbuster Dirilis Ertugrul has made its way to Pakistani television screens. 2014’s mega hit made waves in Pakistan last year when Imran Khan had urged youth to watch this serial.

Upon Prime Minister’s request the serial is dubbed into Urdu and it is currently aired on PTV Home daily at 7:50pm PST (Pakistan Standard Time). In case you miss this time slot then you can watch the serial midnight at 12am followed by next day at 12pm.

The Urdu dubbed version is titled Ertugrul Ghazi and if you are looking to watch it online then you can head straight to the you tube channel of PTV Home. The serial’s every episode will be uploaded on the YouTube channel of PTV Home.

Upon the airing of the serial Imran Khan shared the reasons why he urged youth to watch the serial. Prime Minister said that the serial has historical moments showing Islamic values.

Here Is What Imran Khan says About Ertugrul Ghazi.

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