Went into theater with expectation of another common rom-com with decent performances and nice music but came out refreshed. Superb performance by Parineeti Chopra. Its Not a normal rom-com, rather its unique and very well directed. Director did a good and above all its Parineeti’s show all the way. Promos were not that catchy but movie is super strong.

I would say its first film of 2014 which I loved and enjoyed from start till the end. Sidharth Malhotra is good also but his acting skills seemed same to Student Of the Year but yeah he is a good dancer with charming on-screen presence. Parineeti is always very good but this one is her best work till date. In every scene she is fantabulous, especially after taking medicines her performance is super brilliant. Rest cast is well selected and they performed very well.

Script and direction both are fabulous as you remain glued to the seat throughout the movie. Director had given indication of common rom-com with promos but its not that way. Its something which makes you laugh, makes you emotional, makes you clap and by the end you get in love with the characters especially Parineeti .

Music was good also with each and every song being spot on!! Srpiada again wins hearts with Zahenaseeb. And Punjabi Wedding Song is a chart buster. Movie’s dialogues were very well written as they went very well with the situation, script and above all chemistry.

In a nutshell its very well directed, superbly written and excellently performed by Parineeti. You can’t miss this one!!


This Second Opinion is written by our editor (Kharal)


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