Positive Points:- Superb Performances, good music, great cinematography and decent comic timings.

Negative Points:- Few holes in the script and strictly for multiplex audiences.


Review:- Movie has been driven by super solid performances of Parineeti and Sidharth. Supporting Cast was also very good. Movie’s plot has nothing unique but its still special due to superb performances of lead stars and their chemistry  is mind-blowing.. Movie’s plot has few holes especially in first half but its been covered by good performances of Parineeti and Sidharth. Dialogues are quite refreshing as comic scenes are well shot and written. Music is very good, all songs leaves you refreshed.


Overall:- Its a decent watch with superb performances and nice music. You will remain in hall with smile on your face all the time.. You should go for it over the Weekend..


Critics Ratings:- 3.5 out of 5

Business Ratings:- 3 out of 5


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