Hamzi Ali Abbasi who has been quite active on social media these days by spreading good religious thoughts from his social media. The actor had announced earlier that Alif will be his last drama serial followed by The Legend Of Maula Jatt which will be his last film and he will only dedicate his social media presence to promote religion. Moreover, the actor later stated that he will go for films and dramas which will promote the culture and stay inside the boundaries.

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Currently a controversy has taken the whole social media regarding prominent designer Maria B. Her husband was arrested earlier and a video of the designer surfaced on social media where she informed about the arrest. Now the popular actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has come out in the support of the couple.

Hamza Ali Abbasi uploaded the video where the couple explained the whole situation. Hamza had a lot to say about the incident. He supported the designer and her husband and condemned the authorities for their behavior.

“Absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of authorities and media who in this time of crisis are creating chaos and making false accusations. These 2 are good ppl who have been wronged. Maria B. and her husband Tahir Saeed have clarified the allegations of irresponsibly sending their cook to his village after testing positive for COVID-19. Reacting to the news circulating about her husband being tested positive she presented the laboratory report clearly mentioning that Tahir Saeed tested negative,” wrote Hamza.

He then went on to explain Maria B’s side of the story which she and her husband explain in the video as well. Watch the video here:

Well do you agree with Hamza Ali Abbasi or not do let us know in the comments below and keep an eye out on this space for more.


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