When ever we search about Bollywood on Google or check any Bollywood website its always who is number one?? It always says ABC’s film didn’t work at boxoffice while on the other hand when we see any hollywood website it would say ABC film didn’t work at boxoffice.

From every trade analyst to movie fans talk about ‘who is at top?’.. This fight for top is causing us content problems. Stars in Hollywood see, ‘will we fit in this role??’ ‘Is this script engaging enough?’ and much more about quality. While here a star only looks that will this script work at boxoffice or not?? He will do anything for boxoffice numbers. Recent example is Jai Ho where director and star worked more on massala to make film appealing to masses and message and content of film was lost in the mid-way. Our top stars (Khans, Akshay, Ranbir, Ajay) are just making entertainers. They are not working on scripts, they are working on strategies to make movie hit at boxoffice. When our film Lagaan was nominated at Oscars there was a light in the eyes of many cinema fans like me. We hoped to see many of ours films in future that will be so strong at content and direction that we will be not only regular but strongest contender for that award. But none of our film nominated for that award since 12 years. Its because our top stars are not making quality products. My eyes are hoping to see SRK back in content driven film like Chak De India and not massala film like Chennai Express. I want to see Aamir make sensible movies like Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots and not illogical action film Dhoom 3.

I want my top stars to stop fighting for boxoffice numbers and start fighting for Hindi Cinema. Make quality products.



Ahmed Basit


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