The Khan Vs Khan debate will continue to rage on in Bollywood for years to come. Team SRK, Team Aamir and Team Salman will furiously debate over who is the best. Leaving “Sallu Bhai” out of this for now, I will explain the many factors which make Aamir Khan triumph over Shahrukh Khan in terms of acting, film choices and overall influence in Bollywood..
To many people Shahrukh Khan is the King of Bollywood and his romantic lover boy image has dominated Bollywood for a better part of two decades. But the problem lies in the fact that Shahrukh is more comfortable in his defined Romantic hero domain and hardly ever chooses to do roles other than a big glitzy commercial Bollywood extravaganza. To be fair Shahrukh has acted in films like “My Name is Khan” and “Chak de India” but the majority of SRK films nowadays are designed with no intent other than being commercially successful and content hardly matters.
After analyzing Aamir’s career trajectory from the start, one realize how this particular Khan chooses different roles to play and how easily he fits into every character he portrays.  From playing a Street Mumbai guy with a colourful image in “Rangeela”, to putting in a fine performance as a 19th century villager in “Lagaan” and forcing Bollywood loving youth to change their hairstyle with instilling wonderful performances as an Urban Indian youngster in movies like “Dil Chahta Hai “ and “Rang De Basanti”, Aamir truly is an unique actor. While SRK is choosier about the director and movies he works in, Aamir is more focused about the character he plays.
Aamir definitely has the better list of movies in which he has acted compared to Shahrukh. Aamir has four movies in the IMDB top 250, (“Taare Zameen Per”,”3 Idiots”,”Rang De Basanti” and “Lagaan”) while Shahrukh has one only (“Swades”).  Aamir chooses a movie because of the content and the script involved. What makes Aamir great is the ability to pick extraordinary roles like “Rab Nawaz” from the Canadian Production “Earth” while Shahrukh let the opportunity passed before his eyes when he turned down the Oscar winning “Slumdog Millionaire”..
For many people Aamir is way better actor than Shahrukh ever was. At times the “King of Bollywood” is guilty of over acting by many critics and commentators.  In the book Everybody Wants a Hit: 10 Mantras of Success in Bollywood Cinema, author Derek Bose wrote, “The joke going around then was that Shahrukh Khan had no more than five expressions to play about with and by cleverly juggling them in film after film, made his mark as a superstar”.S
Shahrukh is a bigger commercial draw than Aamir ever was. King Khan vigorously promotes his brand at every opportunity he gets. Shahrukh attends every award function while Aamir does not and goes on to say “My personal experience about these award ceremonies is that I don’t trust them. I have no faith in them so I would prefer to stay away”. Shahrukh has the better endorsement deals and is present at every corner in the world where he has the spot light on him. Shahrukh was there at the prestigious Madam Tussauds for the unveiling of his wax statue while Aamir declined an invitation by the same Museum and went on to say that he is only interested in making movies.
The argument over Aamir and Shahrukh will continue to wage on for years to come. For me Aamir is the real deal and the real perfectionist. SRK maybe the King of Bollywood but Aamir is the better actor and is involved in better films. Let the war continue on.

By Ahmad



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