Today whatever Shah Rukh Kha is, is because of his hard work. He had no God Father. Starting from Delhi with just Rs. 20 in his pocket he reached Mumbai with a dream to rule the city. His father was one of the youngest freedom fighters of India, who always used to help the needy. I am telling you all this because now a days some people are there who not only defame Shah Rukh Khan by calling him traitor but also insulting his father. For this they give excuse that he helped Pakistan when it was hit by floods. But these people forget that even Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi offered to help Pakistan in recent floods.These people don’t know that when Southern India was hit by Tsunami in 2004, Shah Rukh Khan contributed funds to Prime Ministers fund scheme. Recently when there were floods in Uttarakhand, Shah Rukh Khan donated a whooping amount of Rs. 33lacs.

Shah Rukh Khan never beat the drums of his charity work. He never openly reveals his charity work. In the year 2012, he adopted 12 villages in NDTV’s show Greenathon, and even no Indian politician has ever dared to do this. He is the one who is providing electricity, water, education, medicines and all other basic needs at his own expenditures. There is one organization, called Make A Wish Foundation, which works for physically disabled kids. Shah Rukh Kha not only provides huge funds for this organization but also meets these kids whenever he could. These kids visit him at his home Mannat and he arranges all this. He has donated India’s one of the most technically advanced cancer ward to Leelawati Hospital where poor are being treated. The list of his charity works is so long that this article will never end. Therefore, to summarize whatever he has done, I will say that he is the only Indian to receive an award from UNESCO for his hidden charity work. Yes, Only Indian.

Now let’s come to patriotism, If you people remember after 26/11, he was called at India Gate to deliver a speech and if you heard it you will agree with me that it was one of the most patriotic speeches you ever heard. Some people aks why he is the only one who gets detained at American Airports?So, first of all he is not the only one, as even ex Indian President Mr. Abdul Kalam went under the same procedure and recently Baba Ramdev too had to undergo the same. That is a procedure and is it wrong to follow it like common man instead of showing off? He should be a role model for this. And one more thing, He is one of the highest tax payer bollywood actors and always pays his tax before time.

He was the first actor who was called to Yale University and was also awarded it’s Chubb Fellowship. This puts him into the league of George W Bush and Dalai Lama. Is it not something every Indian should be proud of? He was also invited to Harvard University to give lecture to it’s students. He is also World’s first actor to be invited at Google and Twitter headquarters. I read in an article that in western countries if a student wishes to learn Hindi language, he/she has to fill a form that why he/she wishes to learn Hindi? You will be shocked to know that in the countries like Germany and France, 60% of students mentioned the reason that they want to learn Hindi so that they can hear and understand Shah Rukh Khan films in it’s original language. Isn’t it matter of pride for you? Don’t you feel proud when one of the world’s biggest directors i.e. James Cameron says that he came to know about India only because of Shah Rukh Khan and that he wishes to visit Shah Rukh’s country!

When India won World Cup in 2011, Shah Rukh Khan was one of the few celebrities who literally came out in streets and waved our Indian tricolor! Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Swades, Chak De India and recent release Happy New Year is not patriotic film for you? Only for your Information, in a scene in Happy New Year, SRK spent whooping 2.5cr on Indian tricolor so that it looks great in it and he was producer of the film.

Some days ago, people were targeting him for anti -Modi comments that he will leave India if Modi becomes Prime Minister. I mean seriously? How can a sensible person believe it? The truth is he never made political statements. Even BJP’s Varanasi wing cleared the air regarding this. It was KRK who gave this statement! Even Laloo Yadav and one late South India writer made anti Modi statement but media and people only targeted Shah Rukh Khan. I still don’t understand, Why? I wish if people would have checked and verified by themselves then spreading rumor. People should be sensible regarding such issues. And in a recent Whatsapp message I read that in a song in Happy New Year abusing words are used against Indian Gods and Goddesses. I mean come on, people are not deaf and dumb. No one found any such thing in any song of any SRK’s film and still some people are spreading such rumors. I am really surprised that how educated people believe such crap and start spreading it. Instead of this, if they had watched Happy New Year, they would have felt pride after seeing love of movie characters for our country. And after that, we can’t forget the drama that was done by Nationalist parties of India like HDL and BJP. They cancelled the shows, bashed the cinema owners, tried their best but they can’t effect the popularity of King Khan. But one thing is for sure, however and whatever rumors they may spread against Shahh Rukh Khan, there will be no negative effect on SRK’s popularity. He started from zero and reached at top,instead of trying to pull him down. learn something from him. And it’s my humble request to all of you whenever you read any such rumor, please instead of spreading it, try to verify it yourself first. And if we talk about Shah Rukh Khan, he has always made his county proud and will always keep doing so. And for those who are still against him, I would say one thing….. “Rehn Dey, Tu Nahi Samjhega”


By:- Hafiz Abdullah


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