Don’t Underestimate Power of This Man
Biggest and Richest Superstar in this World and The Most Powerful Man of This ERA
Naam Toh Suna Hi Hoga – Woh Hai Don – King Khan Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan VS Amitabh Bachchan
Shah Rukh Khan VS Anil Kapoor
Shah Rukh Khan VS Ajay Devgan
Shah Rukh Khan VS Hrithik Roshan
Shah Rukh Khan VS Aamir Khan
Shah Rukh Khan VS Akshay Kumar
Shah Rukh Khan VS Salman Khan
Shah Rukh Khan VS Ranbir Kapoor

By BBC World: Shah Rukh Khan is The Biggest and Richest Star on Earth. His name may not mean much in the West but Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan is quite possibly the most popular movie star in the world.

I am sure no other actor has guts to make Chennai Express as much huge as Chennai Express done on Box Office. This is only Shah’s aura which make a Normal film an Outstanding movie and Highest Grossing Movie of Bollywood. People should proud on King to make Bollywood known at International Stage.

The estimated size of his audience is over 3.5 billion, according to BusinessWeek and it’s growing. To put his popularity in perspective, in 2002, the Hindi film industry sold 3.6 billion tickets. Hollywood films, on the other hand, sold 2.6 billion tickets.


Everyone compares King Khan with each and every Actor but SRK is still on top position continuously from last 22 years!

He Is The King, The Superstar, The Actor, The Businessman, The Entertainer, The International Icon, The Greatest Actor of Indian Cinema, The Most Powerful Man of Bollywood, The Face of India – He is Shah Rukh Khan….Born to Rule….♥

What I can say about him, he is just an Extra Ordinary Actor with billions of fan following not only in India but also in overseas. He is trend setter, the icon of India, the face of India, the man of his words, the man who can dare to do anything, a man who can achieve anything. Shah Rukh Khan deserve to be No. 1 actor, by his acting or by a soft heart human being. He is has won more than 200 awards in different different categories. No other actor can compete with him or stand in front of him. He is The King of Bollywood – He is Shah Rukh Khan.

Thanks to all King Khan’s Haters and Insecure people who encourage me to do that. Just one thing I wanna say those people “Super Humans like APJ Abdul Kalam, Bill Gates, Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Amitabh Bachchan, Mother Teresa, Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Shah Rukh Khan, they just born only once and after that they become Star and other people like us always get stuck in this Life Cycle (Life and Death) for millions of years.

Shah Rukh Khan is not an obvious Bollywood hero. He can dance but not as elegantly as other actors. He is also not as good-looking as other Bollywood stars such as Hrithik Roshan. His only power is his acting and persona.

Unlike many of current crop of Hindi cinema stars, who came from film families, King Khan was born in a middle class family in Delhi. His father ran a transport company and his mother was a magistrate. He was 15 years old when his father passed away due to cancer; his treatment had been expensive due to which their family business collapsed. Shah Rukh’s mother worked day and night to build the business back but never insisted that her son follow her into it. He came to Mumbai and started his career with a small advertisement assignment. Only because of his Hard Work, he is now King of Bollywood and most richest man of Indian Film Industry with around 4500 crore net worth. He has The most numbers of Luxury Cars and Bungalows in Bollywood. Also owns Production Company, VFX Company, Cricket Team, Motor Sports Team and also buying Kolkata Hockey Team.

These are few Hollywood icons who admire Shah Rukh Khan!

I am a big fan of Shahrukh Khan.I would like to work in a Bollywood movie with him.He is definitely an epitome of style and class! – Daniel Radcliffe


Shahrukh Khan is a Giant movie star.I’m more than happy to sign a poster for him, if he’ll sign a poster(of My Name is Khan) for me!- James Cameron


Sorry. I’m not interested to work for Dhoom 3. If i am doing a Bollywood debut that must be only with Shahrukh Khan. Being his heroine is my dream! – Heather Graham

I like SRK’s dancing.Even now(in this age) he can dance well.I admire his incredible energy! – Hugh Jackman
I like Indian films. I am a big fan of Shahrukh Khan.I want to work with him! – Penelope Cruz

I am a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan.He is truly an inspiration to me.He is a charmer.He is the epitome of romance.If given a chance, he would be the one with whom i would love to do the second part of my movie Breaking Dawn! – Kristen Stewart


I am so happy to get a new project with Shahrukh Khan.Starring in a movie with him will make me more popular than i am now! – Leonardo Di Caprio


I like Shahrukh Khan and DDLJ is the only Bollywood movie among my top favorite movies! – Robert Pattinson


One Of The Moroccan Journalist Wrote An Article And Mentioned SRK’s Global Appeal: This man, Shah Rukh Khan, is the Tom Cruise cum Al Pacino of India. Only even more famous than those two combined At Global Level.

Every Indian Must Be Proud on Shah Rukh Khan ♥


Why Shah Rukh Khan is still the King of Bollywood ?

Whenever we hear the word ‘SRK’, the first title that everyone attaches is “King of Bollywood”, specially by his Die-Hard Fans. Thus for others who aren’t his fans often ask

“Why is he still considered to be the king??” & that too when his movies weren’t earning as much as Salman’s movies before Chennai Express.

Here Are Some Of The Reason Which Defines He is Still ‘KING’


people often say that he plays the typical lover boy image & that’s why they earn more. They say he doesn’t play challenging roles & out of his comfort level. This is where people often misunderstand his Strength. True; he has played mostly lover boy characters. But then if one looks at his last 10 years graph, one will find a Rizwan Khan of MNIK, a Kabir Khan of ‘Chak De’! India, a Mohan of ‘Swades’, a Superhero in ‘Ra. One’ , A Drunker In ‘DEVDAS’, Villanous Don In Don Series etc where each of these movies have been either commercially or critically acclaimed or both.


People often say that he works with only few directors & that too of powerful banners. What they don’t understand is that “MOVIES WORK ON ACTOR’S PERFORMANCE NOT THE BANNER”. Yes they may garner some audience interest but nothing more. Even otherwise successful directors like

>Aditya Chopra,
>Karan Johar &
>Farah Khan debuted their directional venture with SRK And Has Got They First Blockbuster Or ATBB with SRK. Now Consider Farah With Akshay Kumar(Tees Maar Khan), She Got Semi-Hit While Karan Got just Hit Tag(Student Of THE Year).

Although his movies haven’t earned as much as they used too at one time If Compared To Salman, yet one can see that the risk that he took by making a 135 crore movie & making it work isn’t the one for the faint hearted people By Collecting 240Crs. And that too of a dream project where many actors dream projects have been Box Office disasters.
Be it
>Raj Kapoor’s dream project of Main Hoon Joker,
>Salman’s Veer
>Saif’s Agent Vinod,
>Akshay’s Chandni Chowk 2 China
>Hrithik’s Kites.
>Ajay Devgn’s Raju Chacha all these have sunk without a trace Being Just Average Or Flop. But Ra.One got the tag of “Hit” Despite Negativity & thus this shows his caliber At The Boxoffice.


He is the only actor whose last three movies have been more than 100Crs grosser In India And 4 Movies Crossing 200Crs worldwide. This shows that his movies are accepted across Worldwide & not just in India. Furthermore the fact that he has the largest fan-following across the world can’t be denied by even his haters.


One these days often talk of 100 crore nett earners in India. At present this club has Aamir, Salman, Ajay, SRK, Hrithik & Akshay,Ranbir as the stars whose movies have earned more than 100 crore nett in India. However if one looks closely one will find that Except,ranbir SRK, there is not a single actor who hasn’t taken the help of remakes.

>Hrithik(Agneepath) &
>Akshay(Housefull 2) entered into this club with the help of remakes, While
>Salman & Ajay Are The Actor’s Who has More No. Of Remakes In The List.

SRK is the only actor who is yet to be in this club without the help of a remake. One can say it is quite an achievement for SRK. Now Chennai Express is the Bollywood’s highest grossing movie broke all records and set on no. 1 position only in 15 days.

Last but not the least whenever we see any actors movie doing well, the first comment that one often hears is “SRK’s days are over.” This just shows that although his haters may not accept the fact that he is King of Bollywood, yet back in their minds they do so, And Compares Him With Every Single Actor To Degrade Him!! He has proved by Chennai Express that he has no one to compete in Bollywood and he will prove it in future also.




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  1. Firstly, thank you RAGHUVEER SINGH for this article bu I have to admit that I always have problems to comprehend those kind of lists regarding Shah Rukh Khan.

    I know that the article above is written by an enthusiastic fan… and nobody can deny at least some of the hard facts that are given in it.
    But why to put (oneself) to strenuous efforts to explain why this engimatic man is called the King by listing his box office earnings?

    There is something magical about Shah Rukh Khan… you can’t put your finger on … but it is THERE !

    Every single Indian should be proud of him – because the rest of the world truly envies them for SRK.

    Shah Rukh Khan is NOT a self proclaimed King – he was given the title “Badshah” & “King Khan” by the media and his fans worldwide.
    I feel blessed to be a fan of this marvelous man to whom I look up to and whose countless achievements are a great inspiration to me.

    And yet there are so many Haters out there…
    I really don’t understand the point in hating someone like SRK because you are more of a fan of Aamir Khan, Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar e.c.t ?!

    What’s the point in hating a man whose lifelong efforts are motivated by the ultimate goals of making people happy, having success and sharing the fruits of his success by working even more and more just to bring a smile on peoples face – be it through secret donations to those in need, or just to be able to entertain them for a couple of hours.
    Are you Haters hate him because he obviously is successful? Or undeniably talented? Or is it just because he is loved by billions of fans worldwide for the genuine warmth he is spreading, infinitely, in his own incredibly special ways?
    What’s the point in hating such a man? Let me guess ; is it because your favorite Star isn’t called “the King” ?

    No, it’s not the numbers of SRK’s box office hits, or his stupendous business savvy skills, neither the big bag of his wealth, nor the parameters of his success that made him the King Khan… it is the smile and warmth he brings to the 3.5 billion of lives globally that makes him the King of Hearts, the King Khan, the Baadshah… you name it.

    Will you ever be able to understand the FACT that the love and admiration the people have for Shah Rukh Khan, already went beyond the measures of his theatrical box office earnings, years ago?
    How will you explain , count, weigh or measure the warmth, smile and happiness that the mere appearance of him on and off screen creates? You can’t.
    But it’s THERE.

    While YOU Haters ; can always explain, reasonably, why you are proud of your favorite actor, entertainer e.c.t by enumerating their success in numbers …
    We, the SRK fans actually can’t.
    We haven’t figured out how to enumerate the pure joy, love and uncontrived warmth Shah Rukh Khan brings into our lives.
    But it’s there.
    He has giving it to us and still continues to do so.
    Joy, love and warmth. Tirelessly. Inexhaustibly.

    And that… you can’t take away from us. No matter if Jai Ho or Dhoom 3 will be more successful than Chennai Express or not or Happy New Year will smash all previous records or not… it just doesn’t matter! He is and will be the only King Khan globally , no matter what.

    He taught me – you fail ; stand up and try again. You succeed ; race with yourself and make it next time even better. The sky has NO limit.
    You see, I’m an SRK fan.
    So… why should I care for “measurable” admiration and love like other fandoms?

    (Sorry for my English.)
    Şahnur A. / Istanbul / Turkey

      it’s a beautiful article. thanx.

      “Şahnur A. / Istanbul / Turkey

      why should I care for “measurable” admiration and love like other fandoms?
      We haven’t figured out how to enumerate the pure joy, love and uncontrived warmth Shah Rukh Khan brings into our lives. But it’s there.
      He has giving it to us and still continues to do so.
      Joy, love and warmth. Tirelessly. Inexhaustibly.”

      i always think as you, and you put’em into words. thanx.

  2. Funny article.
    Srk fans selffulfilling article.
    Westerns considers bollywood as total indian cinema.
    So total indian cinema(BW,Telugu,tamiletc…) sold 3.6billon tickets not only bollywood(hindi industry).
    And no one knows about hollywood comments on srk.

    • Self-fulfilling? The article makes all valid points, you must be a hater – trying to seek fulfillment from hating are we? And no one knows about hollywood comments on SRK? I knew them. It’s a fact SRK is far ahead of any indian actor worldwide and the global face of bollywood, so what’s your point? Afterall, since 1998, all but 2-3 years (when he either didnt hav a proper release) all the highest grossing films overseas are SRK films. A masala film CE also did 400crores + worldwide.

    • wow!!! I am not Indian but I love bollywood because of SRKhan! I can’t explain why I love him. But I do. I pray he continues acting until my grand children watch his recent movies(I dont yet have kids. For all those hating on him. Its a pity because the more you hate on another mans blessings the more you will never get a fifth of his success in any of your struggles.

  3. Great on writing such lengthy article, seem like you were enthusiastic to share this article. I got no problem with Shahrukh but i am commenting because you compare it to degrade other actors. Reason Shahrukh is so popular in mass is because of him acting like lunatic and i don’t consider him good looking in anyway. Most of his co-star like kajol, juhi, karisma said so. Now about him not having bollywood background, most actors like aamir, salman, got ppl in industry but that didn’t made them good actor. Look at Aamir Khan, most of his movies are so entertaining and he do so much hard work in movies, which we can clearly see. Shahrukh just take it for granted without putting any such efforts. About plagiarism in making movie, most of his movies are remake of Indian movies or Kannada movies except from swades, chak de india, rab ne bana di jodi ( movies i liked). he is fine actor but not great, your industry so far had only one actor Amithabh Bachhan who truely stand as legend, Aamir Khan,Shahrukh khan, Naseeuridin shah, Akshay kumar, Ajay Devgan are very great actors but India got only one superstar. Just because hollywood actors (actresses) are humble doesn’t mean they are found of that actor. So just because Dhoom 3 has beaten your self called “King” movie doesn’t mean you come over with this silly article about some average actor. Get some life make some name for your self rather than praising some dwarf star.

  4. He is d best man of d world…he is d king of d Cinema….No any can do better before comparison of his movie with SRK…No one can become good actor until they use d acting skills of SRK on his movies…Last n final word is dat There is no any single actor has ability to replace SRK…He is God Of Bollywood….


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