Now days movie has became a product which has to be sold with the  pre-release hype more the hype greater are the chances for a film to be successful. It is well known fact that today in Bollywood large chunk of money is spent on publicity and hype. I am not supporting this idea simply because in the process we are loosing good cinema. It can easily be seen that movie like besharam, boss r.. rajkumar do decent business whereas movie like bullet raja fails to do so. Although they are of same type. The reason is simple the amount of hype generated by later ones are more than the bullet raja.
One more aspect connected with hype is the star value and how people wants to see there star in movie though bullet raja is a decent movie but the fans  of saif do not got connected with the role also the backdrop of movie which is set in rural area dented its business. Here i am not advocating any particular star or any particular movie , i am just providing a example .
Nowdays it is solely dependent on star, item song, and lot of publicity. Honestly speaking sometimes it seems that old scenes are just being repeated with new look and a different star for the matter sometime with the same actor too, dabang and dabang 2 are  there example.
What  is the use of remake (particularly south) , even producer can direct movie there is no need of director , only scenes are to be copied. I did not get what actor gains or enjoy merely coping others act.
Till now we were happy with amir khan and his style of working but now he also seems to fall in this category. Going by the promos of Dhoom 3 nothing seems to be original from the poster to title track from the chase scene to dance step everything is repetitive and boring but still we know that it will open big and there are high chances of becoming biggest blockbuster.
On the other hand there are directors and actors making good original cinema few of them are noticed rest are ignored. In today scenario there is great need to encourage them rather than blindly following the remake bizz..
As director , producer and artist needs to change there way of work also people needs to change there behavior and should promote good cinema.

By:- Shreyas Singh
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  1. But the big hyped films that go onto do big business are the ones that are good products (3 idiots, dabangg, CE, YJHD etc) while bad ones drop after big opening (ra.1, besharam etc). Also we have films like barfi, bhaag milkha bhaag, aashiqui 2, kahaani, omg doing good business too. I do agree, repetitive masala films, south remakes, pointless sequels shouldn’t be made.

  2. fact is that it is very hard to get huge success without proper publicity therefore there is nothing wrong in this . ya but i agree nowdays marketing aspect is more concentrated rather than cinematic content.


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