On 12-12-13, people got to see the exclusive teaser of Sohail Khan’s much anticipated movie, ‘Jai Ho’. The teaser wasn’t recieved that well by the audience but still it broke the YouTube record for the maximum views on first day.

After that, news of the theatrical trailer came out but the people disappointed from the teaser had no expectations from the trailer. So the question which stands out is that was all the excitement which was seen among the fans for the theatrical trailer worth it? Surprisingly, yes!

The trailer started off with the scene we had already seen in the teaser but just after the dialogue tag, “With a good action……”, the trailer picks up it’s speed and is a thrill all the way from their! Two scenes in the trailer are remarkable! The first one is when Tabu screams the name of her brother, “Jai!”, it is a bit typical but as Salman starts rolling in the screen, it is extremly goose bumping! The second one is the trail bike sequence and the background music makes it even better!

So the trailer is a delicious treat for the fans and is better in every aspect compared to the teaser! Make sure you watch it once and believe me, you will want to watch again!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

By:-Ahmed Sher Jan


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