Jai Ho First Look Poster
Jai Ho First Look Poster

Today’s episode of Guest Article features Jai Ho teaser review.. Below is the review of couple of guests..

“Thursday 12th brings the upcoming blockbuster movie teaser trailer on TV and on Internet.
Firstly Jai Ho teaser wasn’t that good which i was expecting. It was promised early that Salman will do  new action scenes  and will start a new trend in Bollywood after this. Teaser has nothing new  type of action except the same car crashing,fights and flying of men on air after they get punched or kicked.The Dialogues said by Salman are Awesome and are the best part of Teaser , also Salman Khan entry was cool.
 This was just a teaser so which means a full Theatrical Trailer will be coming soon.Hopefully Trailer will be much better than the teaser.As a Salman Khan fan i will surely watch the movie wether its bad or good.
Overall Teaser was Okay.” By:- Talha Khan
“From the last few days, it seemed like that the Dhoom 3 craze was over and the Jai Ho craze had taken over control. Hopes were high, expectations were till the sky. Was it all worth it? Well, in my opinion, no, because the digital poster made it seem like that this film will be different but it wasn’t and all it was about, the Salman Khan power, on how he can kill a hundred people at once.The teaser was just ordinary, I would say that the digital poster was better than this! Well, at the end, you can watch it one time because Salman Khan is the best at action and this is what the teaser is all about!” By:- Ahmed Sher Jan

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