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Going to write a small article because I am so damn excited for promo of Holiday that I can’t write. Its digital poster just made me go goosebumps.. Its back ground score in those 20 seconds made me crazy. And its buzz is already high. I am damn sure that this time our Khiladi Kumar will make every one go crazy. He will make all those wrong who think that only Khans make trends in Bollywood.

More than records I am excited to see my favorite star back in action screen. Many trade people and fans say that Ashaky sir should do just couple of films each year, this will make him more in demand at boxoffice. But I disagree, our star should do as much work as he can. He gave four hits in one year at that time no one said that!! Hmmm, Why?? Because all four films had superb content. Akshay sir need to focus on good content, not on how many films he must do in a year.

Boss movie came after short interval but its trailer had got super huge response. Akshay sir has huge fan base, so he shouldn’t worry on how many films?? He must go with the fact that “opt for good scripts”..

Ad mist all these myths by different trade people, I am just happy that my star is back in action and I will see him again. Excitement is reaching new level.. What say Akkians??







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