Come December and like every year this time again our very own Bollywood has a biggie in store for us. Arguably the most awaited release of the year has none other than Mr. Perfectionist at the helm of the affairs. Yes, we are talking about one of the biggest franchises of Hindi Cinema’s third installment Dhoom3. With only about a week left for the release the expectations are sky high. Aamir Khan’s much hyped film will be chasing some of the toughest records made by King Khan’s recent Blockbuster Chennai Express earlier this year.

At the start of the year Krrish3 and Dhoom3 both were expected to set the box office on fire. While Krrish3 created a lot of stir and set the cash registers ringing in November but failed to cross the Chennai Express Lifetime collections. With this all eyes are now on Dhoom3. If we look at the recent performance of Aamir Khan’s films at the box office then he delivered 2 back to back All Time Blockbusters in the form of Ghajini and 3Idiots and gave our industry its first 100 crore and 200 crore grosser. But the last two movies of Khan Talaash and Dhobi Ghat sank and flopped at the ticket window. So one can say it is high time for Aamir to re-establish and show his star power. Unarguably the opening of Dhoom3 will be huge but to become the biggest grosser ever it needs to sustain for weeks at the cinema houses. Can it do this? For answer we have to wait till 20th December when the film releases.

Here is wishing our Mr. Perfectionist All the Best for his upcoming film. Share your thoughts on Dhoom3 movie in the comments section below.

By:- Salman Noshad


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  1. Dhobi ghat cannot be considered an Aamir Khan movie, it was an experimental film for Bollywood in which he invested in. As for Taalash, it wasn’t a flop, it was a Hit, but no doubt it didn’t live up to it’s expectations. Dhoom 3 should be a blockbuster but I have a feeling it won’t live up to the hype.


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