Aamir has been a game changer ever since he re-invented himself with Rang De Basanti on the Republic day of 2005 ! He defied norms and created history, perhaps the first of the big stars to do so. He started this trend with Lagaan, but his sabbatical post Dil Chahata Hai makes us ignore the first half of 2000’s. Immediately after RDB, he struck Gold with Fanaa. I’m sure many would agree that it is not one of his best movies, but his ‘star power’ and Kajol’s return to the silver screen (helped by mellifluous music) worked in its favor. And yes, it was the coming together of Aamir & YRF after more than 2 decades an a forgettable Parampara !! He followed it up with a film that touched million hearts, Taare Zameen Par, a film that he not only acted (not as a main lead !!) but also directed. Can’t recollect which other big star struck Gold with his debut directorial venture in the last 2-3 decades…. Then came the film that made India numbers savvy… yes the first entrant into the 100 crores club – Ghajini. His physical transformation was amazing to watch and the right ingredients made the film a true Blockbuster. He then made the Indian market realize that even 200 crores was achievable, way back in 2009, with 3 Idiots. What a film… Rajkumar Hirani, take a bow ! It took a Chennai Express 4 years to break this barrier once again but my gut feel says that its Industry Hit status might not last for long…. Dhoom 3 has lot of reasons going in its favour – firstly, Aamir Khan (isn’t this obvious ??); secondly, it’s the Dhoom franchisee whose earlier two movies were runaway successes and last but not the least, the coming together of Aamir & YRF….. knowing Aamir’s sense of script and his returning back to the commercial zone after an experimental hit with Talaash (it couldn’t cross the customary 100 crore mark, but it came close to it, a feat in itself for a suspense thriller), anything less than Industry Hit ( > 209 crores India Nett) for Dhoom 3 would be below par. I hope I’m not proved wrong but I guess I’m being realistic… 🙂


Written By:-  Bontha Ramana Murty

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  1. Game changer with 3 idiots yes but for the rest about dil chahta hai, lagaan, fanaa etc – they were not game changers as far as box office goes so not sure how you bring them up. Talaash was not a hit, semi-hit at most and it was supposed to cross 100 crores.

    Main thing going for Dhoom 3 is the huge dhoom brand and I would guess katrina exposing so men in india go wild – why else make her do it?


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