Started to write article on Salman Khan and his achievements but then thought that time has limit but our blockbuster machine is unanimous winner. So took out just his one film Dabangg, now I am not sure that whether Dabangg is a phenomenon, character or trend. Lets analyze it..


None of the stars film in recent years became phenomenon but yeah Dabangg did become a phenomenon. Dhoom 3 made records but no one give Dhoom series credict to Amir Khan. Chennai Express crossed 200cr but its again a mixture of mass winner R0hit Shetty+ Top Actress Deepika+Shahrukh Khan but when it comes to Dabangg it is solely on the shoulders of Salman Khan. Movie’s success was such huge that when ever some one give palang tor performance than his performance is tagged Dabangg Performance. So in short Dabangg became a phenomenon that too on the shoulders of Salman Bhai alone. Dabangg is the only All Time Blockbuster in recent years that featured a debutant actress. Which means that Salman films don’t need big director or actress unlike Aamir or Shahrukh.


Now I can’t recall any name of SRK from his recent movies becoming huge. His most famous lines are now years old i.e. “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayen Ge”, and please don’t take it into consideration as we are taking about star strength these years not of 1990s. But when we recall Salman’s recent film then you get a name bigger than Silver Screen and yeah that name is Dabangg. None other actors movie name or line became that popular in recent years than that of Dabangg.


Now this doesn’t need any explanation. SRK’s none of last five movie created trends (oldies did do like DDLJ). Ra One was not accepted by audiences, after Don 2 no other super Hit came of that genre. Jab Tak Hai Jaan couldn’t even create trend but Dabangg made new trend for massala action films. Many blockbuster came on the trend of Dabangg.


Now its up-to you to decide that was Dabangg a phenomenon, Character or trend??




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