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Disney’s Frozen 2 continues its record shattering run in Pakistan through winter Holidays. The film has already crossed $ 1.2bn globally and is third highest grossing animated film globally.

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Kristen Bell and Indina Menzel starrer is in its sixth week and Frozen 2 is heading towards a very strong sixth week in Pakistan aided by winter holidays. The film has added around estimated PKR 7 million in sixth week so far and with New Year falling on Wednesday, Frozen 2 will have huge pick today and week should close near PKR 10 million.

Frozen 2 has taken it’s grand total till now around estimated PKR 82.5 million and the film has now overtaken 3 Bahadur 2 to become second highest grossing animated film of all time. The film is now only behind The Donkey King, however it won’t be able to reach The Donkey King which had grossed over PKR 235 million.

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The film will see solid numbers next weekend too but once holidays season end we might see steep falls. The film will still manage to hit PKR 100 million before end of its run becoming only second animated film in the history to hit 100 million mark.

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